About Us

Pleasure Minks is a 100% Virgin Hair competitor, Apparel, Cosmetics, and Lash Manufacturer and Pop Shop. We believe in our product so much that we'll assist you with your business needs. (Coming Soon) 

What is your business need? A website, product, vendor lists, and boxing? We have your every need. 

As CEO, I'm striving to leave a legacy for my future children. I've always wanted to be an Entrepreneurial Boss but was always afraid of failing and always wondering what others would say about my dreams. Sounds familiar?

Through the years of research, I've discovered the formula to not only make myself a millionaire but you too. Dare to be Bold? 

After the recent loss of my father, I vowed to live every day of my life like it's my last. You never know when it's your turn to breathe your last breath.